Is This Real?

So real! You are in for Some Seriously Real Fun!

Do you do Private Events?

We do! We love big smash groups! Ideal for work smash sessions, bachelor/bachelorette parties etc.

Can we Bring our Own Smashables?

Certainly! This is definitely encouraged! You can even bring a picture of your ex to throw beer bottles at in our smash lanes! $10 per box for extra clean up.

Omaha's First  Smash House

Hammer Pic

What Do I Need to Wear?

Long Sleeves, Long Pants and Closed Toed Shoes. We provide the rest!

Can Pregnant Women Participate?

While we understand this would be an IDEAL time to relieve some stress, we definitely want to keep baby safe, so that is a no-no. However, you are more than welcome to come pop some bubble wrap in our lobby!

Why do we have to sign a waiver?

While we do our best to keep every one as safe as possible, there are always risks and we want to make sure we cover all our bases.

unstable table escape