Omaha's First  Smash House

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Our story
Le Smash was founded because we wanted, no NEEDED to create a safe space to help others deal with whatever emotions are weighing their shoulders down. Life is rough and we want to help make things a little easier.
There are so many bad traumatic current events going on every day and we’d like to help in creating a fun Smashingly Awesome Time! ;) Whether you are dealing, with personal trauma and drama, like getting dumped, getting fired, having a mean boss/co-workers or issues in your current relationship or marriage, we want to be there for you. Kind of like your bestie but better!
It was founded because it feels good and empowering to smash your stress away. At Le Smash you can come and destroy meaningless things, like someone else's beer or wine bottles, stereos, printers, and laptops. If you want to bring that picture frame with your ex, or any item of your choice you can do that too!
Le Smash is here to help you feel good, empower yourself, and get back your you. Life is rough, come to Le Smash, grab your favorite smashing tool and let go. Relieve that stress and get your groove back!


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